Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My 2700th Entry.

My writing style can be described as: “If a sentence has less than 55 words in it, the bus will explode.” Thanks for bearing with me.

As is tradition, I’ve chosen my favorite five entries from the past one hundred:

Petco Park: An iPhone™ Photo Gallery. A little slice of paradise right by the place people traffic meth across the border. One man’s addiction here. 

New York: An iPhone™ Photo Gallery. If you can make it there without crying 31 times a day, you can make it anywhere. Fight back the tears here. 

Fraternal. He’s not an actual brother. It’s more like the way Hulk Hogan uses the term “brother”, which is much more meaningful. Get familial here. 

In Which I Just Miss Out On A Great Role. Difficult come, difficult go. Watch both happen here. 

Weekend In Kansas City, Part III: Glorious Food. We have the meats. Wolf them down here.

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