Thursday, June 21, 2018

He Gets It.

I was on my way to commit a heinous act of revengeful violence, but then I saw a coexist bumper sticker.

Still, if only I could be as cool as Dave Annable. My friend Sharon recently forwarded me a story about him, in which he was simply the coolest.

Dave played the lead in a pilot called “The Code”. The show was picked up by CBS, with one caveat: Dave’s role was going to be recast. He found this out while with his family at Disneyland. Rather than suffer a justifiable meltdown, Dave took to Instagram, and posted this:
You may be wondering why the hell is this guy posting this when he was just fired from the show? Great question. There are multiple reasons. The first is that I LOVED the people I worked with and for and wish them NOTHING but success and love on this great show. To only see this as my loss is limiting and self-centered. It’s so much bigger than me. How about all of the other writers, producers, crew and fellow actors that worked so hard and gave everything they had to make this show work? This isn’t just my story. All of my friends and family who have reached out have said “F them! You’ll show them!”. I understand this way of thinking but let me pose a question. How does it serve me to be angry? It would not and does not CHANGE the situation. Me being angry at someone or something would not ultimately make me feel any better. It actually would make me feel much worse. If I chose to be angry that emotion spills over into my relationship with myself, my family and my friends. If I choose anger then I’m taking on the perspective of a victim. I’m not a victim. This is a circumstance. It is my choice and my choice only on how I choose to deal with it. After receiving the call that the show was being picked up and I was being replaced (while I was at Disneyland with my family, ugh) I went to the perspective of the student. What is the lesson here? What can I learn from this experience moving forward? I’ve yet to be given a reason but when I do you bet your ass that I will try and learn from it. Another reason I am posting this is fear. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of Failure. I’ve never been fired before and certainly not publicly. Right now I want to run. I want to hide. I want to quit. The TOUGHER thing to do is face it. To embrace it. Learning to deal with failure is one of the most important lessons you’ll deal with in your life. Guess what? Failure is mandatory. It’s growth. It’ll never stop. It’s where all the good shit happens that makes you a better person when you are open to seeing the right perspective.
Ever since I started meditating this past year, I’ve been incredibly better at realizing in the moment that when things don’t go your way, the universe is protecting you. Look back at anything in your life and you’ll agree. Dave will book something gigantic soon. Smart, lucky dude.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Boys Night.

I used to be jealous about how many boring things my nephew got out of going to simply by shitting his pants.

But he’s older now, and mobile, and our relationship has taken on the dynamic of big brother/little brother. So we did dinner and a movie on Saturday.

My favorite part of the night was the meal, in which we carb-loaded at Shake Shack (credit to him for sarcastically telling the server taking our order he just wanted “a salad”) and ate while watching his Dodgers.

We very much enjoyed ourselves. Next weekend, I teach him to say thank you.

Monday, June 18, 2018

I Visit The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library.

Seriously, if you hacked Donald Trump’s account and wanted to make him look like a lunatic, what the hell would you even tweet?

I stopped by The Daily Show’s tribute to our President’s proudest legacy over the weekend, and wanted to share some highlights.

First, enter your name into the generator…

…so an attendant can fill out your nametag.

A photo op of you in a bad rug and ill-fitting suit while tweeting directly from the throne.

The interactive #MAGA-netic wall.


A fan got his hands on the actual inauguration cake and had it delivered to The Daily Show studio. It’s the new Stanley Cup.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fingers Crossed…

The guy who discarded his city scooter here is stuck in the grill of the UPS truck.