Friday, May 6, 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Feel Better, Sir.

The last thing I wanted to wake up to yesterday was news that my friend Warren had had a stroke.

He’s too young a man and too nice a guy. We’ve known each other since birth – our dads went to school together – and I consider his family the cousins we never had.

Warren is a real selfless dude. He’s planning on moving from Connecticut to Florida this month, so that he can be closer to his parents, and so that his daughter, who’s had some health issues of her own, can live in a warmer climate.

I messaged his mom late yesterday, and she said he’s thankfully doing better. That’s a relief.

And that said, Warren, you didn’t need to have a stroke to prove how much you want to move to Florida. We get it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Instant Man Crush.

A game-worn Johns Hopkins lacrosse helmet. Next to my dog and my blood diamonds, it’s the first thing I’d grab in a fire.

It actually belongs to my new neighbor. He and his girlfriend moved in above me on Saturday, and when I saw his lacrosse gear in my garage, I knew we would get along famously. I’m a big lacrosse fan, and went to his school’s rival – Maryland – and both of my brothers played college lacrosse. In fact, right as I asked my neighbor who he played for, Maryland was playing Johns Hopkins on ESPN.

So the lesson is: all you have to do if you want to borrow a cup of sugar from me (or WiFi, which he is) is play a Division 1 sport. Get after it.

30 Seconds Of April.

With temps still in the 30s, I’d normally never run video in New York in April. It’s practically a PTSD flashback.

 But this trip included the Yankee opening day, and a nap with Ollie Shevin. It had to be recorded. Plus the rest of the month was exceptional. Take a look:

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Last Supper.

Yes, life is meaningless, but some of the food is decent.

That’s Ricky, trying to scarf my two double-doubles, well-done fries and milkshake Saturday.

And yesterday, I spent the afternoon at Venice Ale House, watching these two fellas order like a boss: the skateboard beer flight.

Thus begins May, in which a group of friends and I have decided to give up sugar for the month. (The milkshake was my one last bump before rehab.) We’re charting our progress, and opting for varying degrees of abstention – I’m giving up blatantly sugary things, but will still eat fruit every day. My nightly sugar jones will not be appeased. May God have mercy on my soul.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Some People Collect Stamps.

This dude: fire trucks. Badass.

Friday, April 29, 2016