Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Petco Park: An iPhone™ Photo Gallery.

Be advised, ladies: once I show you my Derek Jeter rookie card, foreplay has officially begun.

And with the Yankees in San Diego over the weekend, I couldn’t pass up incredible seats behind the dugout. It was my first time at Petco Park, and it’s a gorgeous, unique stadium. Thoughts:

Bigger accomplishment: winning the Cy Young Award, or downing the enormous frank named after the winner. The Randy Jones half-pound hot dog.

Couple cool things here: 1) Exclusive seats right on top of the visiting bullpen. 2) The brick building in the upper right – the Showley Brothers Candy Factory – had to be picked up and moved 280 feet to make way for the ballpark.

A sandbox with a view. The tyke on the right wasn’t playing well with others, so dad yanked him out of there.

Not exactly a baseball tradition, but it should be: pet adoptions at the stadium.

An anomaly that blows my mind, because I grew up in rain-soaked New York: the organist, and his organ, are outside. Non-related: the Western Metal Supply Co. is a historical landmark, so architects had to start with it and design the park outward. Love that the yellow stripe along the front corner serves as a foul pole.

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