Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My 2600th Blog Entry.

You win every marathon you don’t run.

And yet I don’t mind subjecting myself to the pressure of non-stop blogging. For one thing, there’s less nipple chafing.

And now, as is tradition, I’ve chosen my five favorite entries from the last 100:

My New Favorite Before And After. I didn’t lose a dirt patch; I gained back pain and a thousand crickets. Dig my spread here. 

This One Goes Out To My One True Love: The Ladies. If I can help just one woman trap a guy into a commitment, I’ve done my job. Let’s get romantic here. 

Made My Day. Auditioning is hard. Bragging about it is easy. Find my motivation here. 

New York’s Only Redeeming Feature (Besides My Mom): And iPhone™ Photo Gallery. The Yankees unfortunately lost, and I lost feeling in my toes. Take me out to the blizzard ballpark here. 

Proud Of This Girl. Here’s hoping this is the only drama her parents will have to endure. The theatrics begin here.

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