Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Proud Of This Girl.

I make my niece wear my Fitbit during her soccer games while I sit on the sideline eating snacks.

She gets me. And when she asked me for help applying for the drama program at her school, I figured I owed her. The program has incredibly stringent standards, so twice I made her rewrite the section of the application that asked her why she wanted to act.

She got in. I’m almost as excited as she is.

My niece is at a tricky age (she turns twelve next week), trying to figure out what she’s into and how she fits in. Twelve-year-olds can be even more critical of themselves than their peers. One minute she’s a child, and the next a would-be teen. I’m glad that she found something she likes and had to earn her way in.

As for her brother, I’m the complete antithesis of proud after he photo-bombed every take. I clobbered that little shit with a pillow.

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