Friday, May 12, 2017

My Birthday Registry.

Life tip: buy a birthday card with your morning bottle of wine. People will think it’s a gift.

Some people hate birthdays, some people love them. I’m in the “love” camp. I like that we each get a day that belongs to us, a day when the rest of the world owes us right of way.

So for my special day, which is this Sunday, I would like to request you frequent, use, download or consume the following of my favorite things, to ensure they do robust business and stick around a while:
  • Airline: JetBlue 
  • Birthday cake: ice cream cake 
  • Restaurant: Son of a Gun 
  • TV show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 
  • Movie: Don’t Think Twice 
  • XM channel: 43 – Backspin 
  • Podcast: The Adam Carolla Show 
  • Book: Yes Please, by Amy Poehler 
  • Mobile app: Waze 
  • Dog breed: Pit Bull 
  • Toilet paper: over the top 
  • Rookie of the Year: Aaron Judge 
  • City: Los Angeles 
  • Pie: chicken pot 
  • Cereal: Golden Grahams 
  • Candy: Tree Hugger gum balls 
  • Comedian: Bo Burnham 
  • Role Model: George Clooney

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