Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Perfect Storm.

I don’t know what you’re doing for your mom on Mother’s Day, but it should be her laundry.

You owe her. I mean, mothers may get a day, but sharks get a whole week.

 I’m going to go the extra mile – 3000 miles, in fact – and visit her. Sunday is the rarest of trifectas – Mother’s Day, my birthday and Derek Jeter’s number is being retired by the Yankees. (Okay, that may also be why I’ll be in New York, because I’m going to the game.) Derek Jeter chose Sunday because he wanted it to be extra special for his mom. Top that.

Speaking of perfect storms, it’s of course supposed to rain Sunday, because it rains every day in New York. I really hope it doesn’t, because I really, really want to go to the game. I attended the last game of Derek Jeter’s career, in Boston, and I feel like I owe him.

Don’t send happy birthday thoughts my way – send happy weather thoughts. I promise I’ll write you the best thank-you note since my Bar Mitzvah.

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