Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Things You Must Eat In LA. Part II.

Every fork at your favorite restaurant has been in hundreds of strangers’ mouths.

Doesn’t make me hesitate for a second. Here’s part II:

Burger at Father’s Office. Another finicky chef, who prohibits putting any ketchup on his burger. That’s okay, because he tops it with his own gourmet condiment, made with caramelized onions and bacon, along with gruyere cheese. There are two Father’s Offices now, with a roomier location in Culver City, but the original on Montana is in such a physically narrow space, you may want to grease yourself before squeezing in.

Chocolate Gooey Brownie ice cream at Salt & Straw. The flavors at Salt & Straw have serious range – black olive brittle and goat cheese, honey vinegar with raspberry fig cobbler – but I sexually identify as chocolate gooey brownie.

Pizza at Mulberry Street Pizza. On a par with the best pizza in New York. The pies are so thin, you can eat an entire one by yourself. Plus a cool atmosphere, with the walls autographed by hundreds of celebrities.

Ice cream cookie sandwich at Diddy Riese. The place is an LA institution, just off the campus of UCLA. The later the night gets, and the drunker the neighborhood crowds get, the longer the wait. Choose from ten different cookies, and a dozen different ice creams. Very affordable yumminess.

Godmother at Bay Cities Deli. They say it’s all about the bread when it comes to a great sandwich. And someone foolishly tried to take on Bay Cities by opening a deli actually called All About the Bread. He even had the nerve to offer the answer to the godmother, and called it the godfather. But you can’t beat the godmother’s perfect mix of meats and cheeses, served with the works. All About the Bread gets the shittiest reviews, and Yelp, though I think erroneously, lists the place as closed.


Chase Campen said...

Very good list. I've done the burger the pizza and concur with both

Matt Shevin said...

Right on, Chase.