Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What The What?

With all the chatter and hold-me-backs, baseball fights are more like scenes from West Side Story.

But on Sunday, Rougned Odor, second baseman for the Texas Rangers, became the exception:

That jaw belongs to José Bautista of the Blue Jays, a future hall of famer. I’m a Yankee fan, so I don’t root for him, but I do respect him. (Though I spent most of yesterday thinking that if he’s gonna go into second with his cleats up, he may deserve what’s coming.)

But then last night José Bautista inexplicably started following me on Twitter. I had no idea why. Does he read my blog? Maybe. Did he attend one of the two Toronto film festivals that accepted my featurette? Not a chance. What gives?

I asked my friend Rob, a sportswriter. His response: “He did get cold-cocked the other day. May still be woozy.”

Right. Either way, huge fan.


Anonymous said...

Much respect to Bautista! A solid connection to the jaw like that would have taken down most. Hardcore!

Matt Shevin said...

Agree! Tough dude!