Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Saw This Guy Yesterday, And Thought Of An Opening To A Sketch. Feel Free To Steal It.

FRANK GARCIA, 51, crossing guard, sits patiently on a bus bench in the morning sun, holding a stop sign. 

A bus approaches, but rolls past him, and Frank holds up his arms – and the stop sign. The bus comes to a stop. He gets on, swipes his card, and sits. 

Cut to Frank getting off the bus. He walks down a sidewalk in a busy neighborhood, passing an older man, who clutches his heart as his pacemaker stops. 

As he walks past a landscaper using a very loud leafblower, the leafblower stops. The landscaper checks the on/off switch. 

Frank turns into the walkway of a garden apartment building, passing a yappy Jack Russell, who suddenly quiets and sits. Frank enters his apartment, puts his stop sign on a coffee table, picks up a remote and turns on the midday news. 

For the first time in history, 
there is peace in the Middle East.

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