Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My 2400th Entry.

After 2400 posts, if I’m not offered some sort of key to the city, I’m going to lodge a complaint with my blog shop-steward.

Fine, I’ll celebrate my own way – by choosing my favorite five entries from the last 100:

Prognosis: Meh. Glad my head is healed up, but I wish I could still use it as an excuse any time I screw something up. Brace yourself and go here.

Cruel Irony. If I ever miss out on a great opportunity like this again, put a gun to my head. Oh, wait, here.

Scrappy. June at our place looked like a MASH unit. Time to feel Ricky’s pain here. 

Official Selection. I’m actually not a wine drinker. Raise a glass of Yoo-hoo with me here. 

What I’ll Miss. Cows and a butler? Time to start a new bucket list. Relive the crazy good life here.

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