Monday, October 12, 2015

The Fifth Great Movie Of 2015.

Ever meet someone and you just know their phone screen is cracked without even seeing it?

Steve Jobs has had an impact on all of our lives, but especially on his development team. And his ex-girlfriend and mother of the daughter he repeatedly denies.

This isn’t a biopic, but instead a three-act play, focused on the launch of three major technolody products. Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue is as great as usual, and though he’s been under fire for making Steve Jobs look like a pretty evil guy, I thought Steve came off as admittedly flawed – very passionate, and at times compassionate. It’s fascinating to see how complex a man he was.

Making the film all that much cooler was director Danny Boyle, who shot each of the three acts in different formats: the 1984 launch was done on 16mm film, 1988 was shot on 35mm, and the launch iMac was on the digital ALEXA.

See this movie. It’s great.

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