Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Prognosis: Meh.

When life gives you lemons, mix them with cayenne and tell everyone you’re doing a cleanse.

Getting smashed in the head is bad. It could have been worse. Above is what it looked like right after it happened. Like I’m in the shittiest horror film. Only less painful.

Here’s today. Better. Like a Chris Brown masterpiece. The swelling on my forehead went down because I iced it all night. I thought I was in the clear until blood began to pool around my eye, so I went to urgent care. The staff x-rayed my orbital socket and checked me for a concussion. Negative for both. I’m not in the habit of being injured – proof of which being the last time I was in the building where this urgent care is located, it was a Blockbuster.

Thanks for all the concern and well-wishes. I’m lucky the ball didn’t hit me an inch lower, and even luckier to have such incredible friends and family checking up on me. And that ain’t the Naproxen talking.

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