Thursday, July 23, 2015

As In My Idol.

Money can’t buy you happiness. But it can buy you a jet ski.

Happiness comes from within. I was born with the positivity gene, but growing up in New York, where hope goes to be shivved, it was suppressed. That was until Stuart K. Robinson drew it out.

Stuart was my acting teacher, but he’s so much more than that for so many people in this town. His class is a masters in pursuing your dreams and your full potential. I blogged about him a couple years ago – you can read it here.

With his spirit and work ethic, it was a foregone conclusion that Stuart would eventually share his wisdom beyond the classroom, by writing a book. It’s on its way to me, but I can already guarantee it’s required reading for everyone. There’s something you want in your life; now you’ve got the roadmap to get it.

Stuart is currently on a big tour promoting the book, and stopped by KTLA yesterday during their morning show:

Right after Stuart shot the segment, one of the KTLA staffers bought his book on the spot.

Smart guy. Follow his lead.

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