Friday, July 24, 2015

Partner In Crime.

Facebook should just change its name to Acquaintance Birthday Reminder.

Alright, it occasionally serves a purpose. My college roommate Gregg was able to let me know he was coming to LA, and we got together last night. It was the first time I’d seen him since we graduated.

I highly recommend rehashing the old days. Like how we committed grand larceny on a weekly basis because our roommate Steve worked the register at a liquor store. And all the times Gregg would use his Chevy Nova to sideswipe cars that double-parked in our lot. Or the night he was on his way back to our apartment in a drunken stupor, was offered crack, and went ahead and bought it.

Holy shit – we should have had a lawyer on retainer. Anyway, good seeing you Gregg. And thanks, statute of limitations.

NOTE: Not to worry – when Gregg got home and realized he’d bought crack, he took it out of the ziploc and threw it on our rug. Ah, college.

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