Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Helpin’ A Brother Out.

People who learned a bunch of stuff must’ve felt pretty stupid when Wikipedia came out.

Thank goodness my college experience included being a member of a fraternity. But the degenerate memories faded a few years after I graduated, when the then-current idiots in my frat at the University of Maryland, Tau Epsilon Phi, were kicked out of our house. My nostalgic side took another blow when the apartment complex I spent so much time in during upperclassman years was recently leveled.

But I received unexpected news the other day: Tau Epsilon Phi is moving back into the old house. Memories restored.

I know someone else who’ll be happy. Long before I was a member, Larry David was a TEΦ brother at Maryland. Someday when I bump into him, we’ll celebrate with the secret handshake. A very, very white, secret handshake.

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