Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Friends In High Places.

I remember the face of every person who doesn’t say “thank you” when I hold open the door for them.

And I definitely don’t forget the really considerate folks. All I did was mention to my friend John Hunter that I was finishing up my latest comedy short, and he told me to send it to him.

John was the composer for the animated short that won the Oscar in 2012, and over the weekend, he took my short and blew me away with a score that is epic.

So now I have a video that was shot beautifully with stellar music from one of the most talented guys on the planet. Anyone know John’s shirt size?


Anonymous said...

It's a great short! And it was my pleasure to work on it. All the best Matt! Cheers! JH

Matt Shevin said...

Love you, bro.

Ben Mall said...

Can't wait to hear it!