Thursday, October 6, 2011

The NFL on FOX Commercial Shoot: An iPhone™ Photo Gallery.

In the dives that I frequent, bartenders reserve their tie-wearing for court appearances.

Although this is a 30-second commercial, put a nickel in JB Smoove and he’ll riff for about four minutes.

I’m not sure FOX’s insurance covered me playing with a soda gun near open light sockets.

My trailer. You can pretty much fit it inside Will Smith’s trailer’s glove compartment.

It was the first bad weather day in LA since April, but I wasn’t about to let it rain on my parade…

…because at the end of this kickass rainbow: residual checks.


Jenni said...

I was expecting you to be more bearded from not shaving.

Matt Shevin said...

Yes – when I got to the set, the director had me trim it down to a 5 o'clock shadow.