Thursday, August 11, 2011

My 1100th Entry.

I get so thrilled every time I hit a milestone on here that I like to reward myself with a congratulatory meal. Oh wait, I ran out of Lucky Charms? The world is bullshit.

The other, less tasty tradition whenever I reach a new set of 100 posts is to choose my five favorites from the bunch. Here goes:

The Ocean Spray Commercial Shoot: An iPhone™ Photo Gallery. I grew up guzzling Cran-Apple, so my urinary tract was born to play this role. When your heebie-jeebies subside, read all about it here.

The Mr. Coffee Commercial Shoot: An iPhone™ Photo Gallery. On the other hand, I think the statute of limitations is up, and I can admit I’ve only tasted coffee twice in my life. Witness caffeine fraud here.

Mom, Your Mother’s Day Gift Is On The Way. Three months and still no thank-you note. The post office is open here.

1999 – 2011. I really dreaded having to write this one, but it wound up writing itself. In less than two minutes, it was finished and posted. Pay last respects here.

Hang In There, Man. Here’s hoping the next hundred subjects are a tad less traumatic. Let’s close that rough stretch here.

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