Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I. Love. This. Woman.

It doesn’t take much to make my day – just genius, transcendence, perfection. Serve me up a tall glass of those and I’m an easy fella to please. Ask anyone.

And I think I found the woman who's all those things rolled into one, when my friend Angie and I entered this Starbucks off Melrose Avenue and heard the crunch of tiny shards of glass underfoot.

Turns out, a woman drove her car through the front window of the place. It happened at 8 a.m., with a big line of people inside. No one was injured, but I’m sure they no longer needed caffeine to jolt their systems.

In order to pull this off, my lady must be the Usain Bolt of reckless drivers, because she most likely came down Melrose, made a quick right and a left into the parking lot, then jumped a concrete parking block before smashing through the glass and metal frame and cruising across the shop.

She is one crazy broad. And I must find her and make her mine.

But before I take her out back behind the middle school and get her pregnant, it gets better. Someone rolled video seconds after it happened and posted it on youtube. Relish it here.

Ladies and gentlemen, my wife.


Anonymous said...

I've always thought that Starbucks should have a drive through window.

I hope nobody was hurt...


Ben Mall said...

When did Stanley Tucci become a cop?