Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Jesus Is Back. And He Has Iffy Grammar.

For many, Twitter is their serious account. The funny one is their bank account.

Yep, Twitter is a sewer. It’s Words with Sociopaths, in which unlovable losers feel the need to post their unsolicited opinions. So of course when the Mets took an early lead on my Yankees yesterday, some delight of a Long Island woman (my friend Jeff and I would bet anything her name is “Joann”) got a little too big for her sansabelt britches and bashed the Yanks. And of course, an inning later, the Yanks came right back and beat the shit out of the Mets. So I sunk to her level.

The best part was Jesus chiming in within a minute, sacrificing himself for all of Twitter-kind. Apologies for stooping even lower and making fun of you, Savior.

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