Wednesday, February 6, 2019

My Six Favorite Movies Of 2018.

There oughta be a new Oscar category for misleading trailers.

Instead, rely on me for your movie recommendations. I see many, and I’ve compiled a list of what I thought were the best from last year:

Eighth Grade. Bo Burnham, my favorite comedian, was surprised to find his standup really resonating with junior high kids, so he wrote a very poignant movie about a girl struggling through eighth grade. This movie is funny, scary, and sad, and should have been nominated for best picture.

Isle of Dogs. Normally, animated films are not for me, but this is Wes Andersen, and this movie is so funny. It’s all about Wes’ details – the incredible closeup of sushi being prepared still makes me laugh.

First Man. Always fascinating to see what was happening personally in a historical figure’s life. In this case, Neil Armstrong was haunted by the worst tragedy of all – the loss of his young daughter – while trying to accomplish the most heroic act.

Searching. An entirely modern thriller about a parent dealing with a missing child. The Internet is a blessing and a curse.

Green Book. Everything an Oscar-nominated movie should be. Funny and sad and entirely well casted/acted. Viggo Mortensen is the most lovable palooka.

Tag. Forget what you’ve heard – Tag is one of the best comedies of the year. It’s shot like an action film, so it’s super cool, too. I watched it on a plane and could not stifle my laughs.

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