Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Summer Trip To Chicago, By Matthew Shevin. Part II.

You know you’re crazy when you think everybody else is.

But no one was out of his mind more than former White Sox owner Bill Veeck, who used elaborate stunts to get fans into the old ballpark. He installed a shower for them to use during unbearable Chicago summers, and it was cool to see it made it across the street to the new stadium – although a three-hour rain delay rendered it obsolete.

I’ve been to the incredibly fancy, all-inclusive restaurant that comes with the best seats at Yankee Stadium. Thanks to my friend Ted, we were admitted into the White Sox equivalent, which was not equivalent in any way. No surprise – with the Yankees, the ridiculousness is available with $2400 tickets; with the White Sox, $300 tickets gain you access. The pot of chili embodies the whole pot-luck vibe.

Chicago commuters can power heat lamps for a minute on train platforms. If I lived there, I’d be like a rat getting a food pellet every time he hits a button.

Only in Chicago: McDonald’s brings you the China Town Summer Fair.

On the left: former big-league manager Joe Torre. At O’Hare Airport: Indian Joe Torre.

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