Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Most Magnificent Community College In All The Southland.

Laugh it up, millennials. In thirty years, your favorite actors will be talking to you about investing in gold on Fox News.

I came across the above knuckleheads last week while donating blood at Orange Coast College. And since I’m quick to make sweeping generalizations, I could confidently proclaim that all OCC students do is play video games on tiny, analog TVs.

That’s what I encountered in the student union. But then I looked the school up, and was surprised. Scott Aukerman of “Comedy Bang! Bang!” went there, and Adam Devine and Blake Anderson of “Workaholics” met there. Scott Weiland also attended. And, New York Yankee catcher Kyle Higashioka, – who played in his first game in the major leagues yesterday on opening day – promised his mom he’d attend college, so he’s taking mechanical engineering classes there.

Turns out OCC is the springboard to stardom. Mind blown.

Slightly non-related: opening day at Yankee Stadium was 76 degrees yesterday, 40 degrees warmer than when I attended last year. I’m retroactively peeved.

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