Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Toast, To When You Could Drag A Man Off A Plane With No Repercussions.

Yesterday, my friend Sam posted on Facebook: “The guy in front of me on the plane went a little heavy on the Drakkar Noir.”

There should be a law: if you’re flying commercial and arrive at an airport wearing way too much cologne – mandatory shower at TSA.

Last night I had a much more pleasant flying experience, at a lounge called Now Boarding, in West Hollywood, designed with a glamorous 60s airline theme. Lots of gold fixtures and vintage luggage, and a “steward” pushing an old drink cart around the place, making martinis at tables.

The bartenders wear captains’ uniforms, harkening back to a time when our pilots flew drunk and we liked it.

The drink menu resembles a safety card, which is a nice touch. Adding to my personal, cool experience was that I happened to be there with the great-great granddaughter of Juan Trippe, founder of Pan Am. (Alec Baldwin portrayed him in The Aviator.) I was hoping the bathrooms would be super cramped and stainless steel, but this was not the case. Love the place nonetheless.

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