Wednesday, March 15, 2017

White Out.

Fog is like lingerie for the sky.

And the sky here has been downright slutty the last few days, with the densest fog we’ve had in years.

Case in point: I took the above pic of a lacrosse practice at Mira Costa High School. (“Mira costa” is ironically Spanish for “look at the coast”, which we haven’t seen since Friday night.) If a player scored, it’d be his word against the goalie’s.

Obligatory science lesson: it’s been warming up here, and when the hot air flows over the ocean, which is super cold because the current comes down from Alaska, the air cools and condenses, and we get fog. Then the fun begins. Since you can barely see your hand in front of your face, driving is a formidable task. And you’d better have your head on a swivel walking your dog when a car comes flying past.

Gotta go. Seeya later. Sort of.

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