Monday, March 20, 2017

The Four Bars Of St. Pat’s Weekend.

Are potatoes so much healthier if they’re baked? My friend Greg is baked all the time, and he’s got diabetes.

Still, I loved kicking the weekend off with a baked potato bar. Then shifting gears to more appropriate St. Patrick’s Day bars – the ones offering liquor.

The Sunset Marquis is where all the biggest musicians stay while in town. Seal is there right now. It’s also where my friend Rob is staying while he shoots some commercials here. The back bar there is a hidden, outdoor, perfect spot across a little bridge in West Hollywood.

From there, we stopped by the bar at Barton G., which you may remember from last month’s post about the craziest dishes around. No food this time – only the outrageously decadent drinks. Best $46 buzz in town.

You can have your Taco Bell when you get the munchies, but for those of us who find the cheese to lettuce ratio way off, there’s Fig & Olive. We sat at the bar and had crab cakes and carrot and ginger soup. Even my stoned friend Greg would prefer it over a taco with a friend chicken shell.

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