Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Grooviest Restaurant In All The Southland.

I order so much Chinese food, the delivery guy must think I’m a middle-aged divorced homicide detective in an 80s movie.

So it’s good to get out and try new places. Barton G, on La Cienega, is not just excellent, but downright nutty. To make the dining experience fun, food is served in wacky dress-up. Above are lobster pop-tarts. They’re honestly one of the best things I’ve every tasted, and are placed on your table in a giant toaster. That said, this is one of the least preposterous dishes served at Barton G.

A napkin folded into a tuxedo is incredibly satisfying.

Below the Belt, a $46 drink for two. With novelty boxing glove and shorts, and a mason jar full of booze resting in a tiny boxing ring. Naturally.

I shot video of this. Bacon, white and black truffles, and grated parmesan. Yummy, and fun – the dry ice effect lasts several minutes, and lets you blow cool steam out of your mouth.

Order the Great American Steak, get a novelty-sized fork. Make America ginormous again.

The wait-staff is super cool, and fully aware it’s going to be an Instagram free-for-all at every table. The Canned Soup and Sandwich is a bite-sized lobster roll with tomato lobster bisque.

Almost lost in the Rubber Ducky…You’re the One – coconut angel cake in a milk-chocolate tub, with passion-fruit ducklings – is a duck in a shower cap.

Marie Antoinette’s Head. Cotton candy on a mannequin head, surrounded by pastry, fruit and white chocolate ganache. Marie wanted them to eat cake, and they do – most tables only nibbled at the cotton candy but inhaled the rest.

Studio 54. Spaghetti with a brisket and veal meatball, featuring a spinning disco ball and Bee Gees tune playing on a loop.

Mouse Trap Mac N Cheese. The most popular dish they serve. Worth getting your hand snapped off.

The bill. Bold, yet honest. I respect that.

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