Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Once Again, United, You Shouldn’t Have.

Hate flying? Try United Airlines. They do, too.

United proved once again what an utter delight they are when they denied a flight to two young girls because they were wearing leggings.

Is anybody surprised? I’ve been bitching about them for years, waiting for all of us to collective stop flying this completely corrupt airline.

United sends you a text at 6 a.m., as you sit waiting at the gate: “We heard reports that some guy saw a snowflake one time somewhere so we better cancel 5,000 flights.”

You know they’re bad when you’d still rather fly Malaysia Airlines. They don’t even fly into or out of New York any more – only Newark. My mom made the right call recently. She had about 80,000 miles with United, and just said F it, and used all the miles to buy two flat screens for her home. Then she dumped her United credit card. The first thing I'm going to do when I'm rich is buy a flight for everyone who works at United Airlines and then delay the flight forever.

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