Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New York: A Photo Essay.

Two years ago, 132 W. 27th Street was a parking lot. Now it’s a gorgeous new hotel called Innside. Even a simple view of a rainy morning in New York from the elevator bank looks stellar. Make a reservation now, before the bedbugs catch on.

I’ve always liked the old painted-on signs of building tenants from the 30s, like this one for Hirschberg Cloaks. I want to wear a cloak. They shouldn’t just be for vampires and hookers.

After spending a night in the city, I went out and stayed with my mom for the rest of the weekend. Letting kids paint the storefront windows for Halloween is a great, old tradition in my hometown – and a nifty way to profile which demented ones may pose a future threat.

The Bryan brothers are to doubles tennis what Matt and Ollie Shevin are to competitive napping.

If you’re a grown man wearing overalls in public, wouldn’t it be a stronger statement to wear a trash bag?

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