Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend In Kansas City, Part I: The Flight.

I used to think “baller” was just short for “ballerina”, until I met my friend Marc, who has flown so many miles on American (4 million) that he has his name painted on a plane. Flying with him meant we all got to check in through a batcave-type concierge, with a total fuss made over us. We cut every TSA line and didn’t have to lift our own bags onto the x-ray conveyor-belt. Just 3,982,000 miles more and this is mine.

Only smaller aircraft fly to KC from LA, and you need to take a bus shuttle to get to a separate terminal to board. Unless you’re flying with 4-Million-Mile Marc, and you get whisked Secret-Service style on the actual runway. My life is entirely downhill from this moment.

The party’s over for the all you scammers bringing your “therapy” dogs on planes, but in the meantime, this guy was so cute! He had his own seat! When his owner booked his flight, what middle initial did he use for the dog? And did he choose “Mr.” as his title? I would have gone with “Dr.” Dr. Dog.

This 11-week-old was being flown to her new home in Nebraska. Click to see how she handled her first plane flight.

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