Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Swanky Stadium.

I saved a ton of money to spend on a cool SUV, vacation getaways and Yankee tickets by not having children.

But then again, some of the best seats are free – thanks to my little brother, who’s got some serious connections.

Sometimes the players are in the stands. Here’s us on the telecast.

A police dog had to sniff my bag, but I wasn’t worried because he was a puppy, and probably not good at his job yet.

Sitting near us: “SNL”/Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones. The game went into extra innings, but Leslie couldn’t bear any more of the humidity, and left. Talk about heat – when I went to opening day in April, it was 36 degrees. On Saturday, it was 100. A 64-degree difference.

When you sit in seats this fantabulastic (the Yankees call it the “Legends Section”), you have full access to an incredible restaurant during the entire game, with all the fancy food you can eat (lobster mac ‘n cheese!) for free.*

*Free with the purchase of a $2400 seat.

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