Monday, May 23, 2016

And We’re Back.

Some people will only watch a football game if it’s ten minutes long and accompanied by 30 minutes of riveting drama in a small Texas town.

Not me. Give me a full slate of games. On Saturday, I did the PA announcing once again for the local kid’s Super Bowl. Here’s what I learned:
  1. After the Penn State scandal, a boys football team called the Nittany Lions is a bit disconcerting. 
  2. There is crying in football. Lots and lots of crying. 
  3. Parents, if your kid has a last name that’s really hard to pronounce, don’t get butthurt if I pronounce it wrong. 
  4. It’s always fun when a parent thinks I’m favoring one team over another. Uh, I don’t have a kid, let alone a kid in your game. You tell me who I’m rooting for because I frankly don’t know. Also: you’re a delight.

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