Saturday, April 2, 2016

You’re My Boy, JetBlue.

Whenever I travel to New York, I always forget something. Like how stupid it is to travel to New York.

It NEVER stops raining here. So naturally, JFK Airport had to shut down temporarily last night when it became torrential, and my plane wasn’t allowed to land. We were diverted for three hours to Stewart Airport in Newburg, NY.

Stewart is so small, TSA goes home at 5 p.m., so we sat on the runway and were told that if we got off the plane, we wouldn’t be allowed back on. Some passengers panicked and got off , trying to Uber it to Manhattan. The rest of us mingled in an awkward cocktail party.

JetBlue was as accommodating as it could be. They even emailed us, apologizing, and offered a discount on our next flight, even though it wasn’t their fault. But my favorite thing was when a dog on the plane needed to be walked, but its owner wasn’t allowed to leave, So the pilot took the dog out for a walk.

That’s JetBlue. My airline.

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