Thursday, February 4, 2016

My 2500th Blog Post.

Remember when you’d be staying at a friend’s house, and you’d wake up before them and wouldn't know what to do? That's how my whole life feels.

So imagine posting about that life every day. Which I have, 2500 times. And as is customary, I’ve selected my five favorite posts from the past 100:

Allow Myself To Share Some Praise Of Myself. I don’t go to festivals, but when I do, I make sure they’re surrounded by wine. Feel the buzz here. 

We Feed LA. Seeing as my entire life is one long episode of “Man vs. Food”, this seemed like a fitting way to volunteer. Serve here. 

Not Quite. Nailing an audition for a hit TV show feels better than any sex with a human you have ever had. Spoon with me here. 

Day Four: Phenomenal. Seeing as Broadway has devolved into a Broadway-themed slumber party, this restored my faith. Come to my church here.

Allow Myself To Congratulate Myself. Just when I thought I could get out of writing the next 2500 entries. Actually, it’s an honor. Celebrate with me here.

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