Monday, October 26, 2015

We Feed LA.

I love to eat so much, I purposely programmed my iPhone fingerprint ID with my thumb covered in spaghetti sauce.

Many aren’t as lucky as me, and the other day I got to help them a bit by volunteering at the LA Food Bank. We put together buckets filled with food that kids can take home from school every Friday so that their families can eat over the weekend.

When you arrive, the food bank staff assigns you the item you’ll add to the buckets. I was part of quality control, a high-falutin’ name for doing the heavy lifting at the end of the line: weighing the buckets and shrink-wrapping them once we’ve stacked 48 on a pallet. It was a beast, and a back-breaker, but so rewarding I’d love to do it again.

By the way, my friend Alex, who is Mexican, was mildly offended after being assigned beans.

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