Monday, January 18, 2016

Add One More To The List.

After seeing The Revenant last night, jumping into my bed and thinking it’s cold makes me feel like a serious bitch.

The movie is freezing and grueling and a real masterpiece. I thought Spotlight had clinched best picture. Now I’m not sure.


Unknown said...

Felt the same way walking home from the theater after seeing the Revenant last night. Bundling up to protect myself from the light drizzling rain I realized I wouldn't have lasted one day in those freezing climates. I guess I can thank Mr. Inarritu for such vivid and pure depiction of Hugh Glass' epic journey. Loved Birdman last year and was curious to see how he'd follow that up. Can't wait to see what he does in the future. We are in a lucky time in film with such great directors like Inarritu, both Anderson's, Ryan Coogler and others all in their primes.

Thanks for the posts,
Jack Montgomery

Unknown said...
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Matt Shevin said...

Really well put, Jack, and completely agree. We're seeing a new era of directors that mirrors Spielberg/Lucas/Scorsese/Coppola/Altman in their prime. I'd even add Ben Affleck to the list of modern day directors whose films are all instant Oscar contenders.