Friday, August 28, 2015

Temporary Lovin.

I’m not like other people who say they love dogs more than people. I love dogs more than anything.

So when one wandered over to me while we were shooting yesterday, I gave him a little scratch on his neck, and then he didn’t leave my side for a while. I do miss Ricky, so the stray served as a good surrogate.

Last full day in India is today, then on to Sao Paolo. I’ve given up on keeping track of time zones at this point, so either have a good weekend, or I hope you had a good weekend. Or Tuesday. You catch my drift.


Sue Denim said...

Dear Matt: What the hell? I have been deleting Inside the Actor’s Studio Apartment blog post reminders for a few months because – ya know, I have a life and stuff. All of a sudden I notice you’re in India. India?? So I jump into the blog to catch up on what is going on because, this is not just a trip to Stew Leonard’s – which is also quite exotic in an East Coast-y way – and next thing I know I’m scrolling through pictures of monkeys and stray dogs and reading stories and – I just lost 40 minutes of my life that I should have been working on a paper for my online degree program. Also, I ordered your ex-acting coach’s book off of Amazon, so THANKS Matt. Thanks for the shiny distraction from what should have been my laser focus to complete this psych paper, and for also adding to my online shopping problem. A simple, Your Welcome is all that’s necessary.

Matt Shevin said...

You're welcome.