Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ricky Update.

Gotta hand it to dogs, because their stupid little paws can’t reach anything.

That’s pretty much how it’s been at my place the last few weeks. Administering meds, trips to the vet, and trying to keep Ricky corralled as much as possible so he doesn’t tear out his staples.

He of course tore them out – twice. Despite what you may think, you never get used to seeing bone through a dog’s open skin.

Besides that, Ricky has been a very good dog. He tolerates wearing his cone when I’m out, and listens and lays down if he’s getting too excited. Today, he gets his stitches out (the old-fashioned way), and gets x-rayed, and then hopefully has only five more weeks of rehab.

Unfortunately, there was one bit of tough news. The surgeon looked at Ricky’s MRI before the operation and saw that Ricky had torn both ACLs, meaning there’s a good chance that after this knee heals, he has to go through this all over again. I feel so bad for him, but when it’s all over, the knees will last forever. Feel a tiny bit bad for me, because a second surgery will bring the grand total to $8000.

Eh – it happens. You either love dogs or you don’t.

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