Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ten Months Of Shooting… Down The Drain.

After filming since last May, I realized yesterday that most of what I had just wasn’t working. But I got 78 points on Waze, so this week wasn’t a total loss.

Yeah, a comedy short I wrote with my friend Chad took this long to shoot because it had so many setups. And now that the director and I took a look at all the footage, we realized we have to reshoot much of it.

It was tough to swallow, but then I realized I’m glad we maintain such high standards and don’t just finish something and put it on the net.

The entertainment business can really test your resilience. Good thing it’s so awesome.


Leslie Rae Mosier said...

You are an inspiration for me, and entertaining as a bonus, for precisely this reason. You're professional and dedicated to doing it right. Hang in there.

Matt Shevin said...

Leslie Rae, you just became MY inspiration.