Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Double Whammy.

You’re either a dog person or a non-person.

Sam Simon was the biggest dog person. He made a fortune producing huge TV shows, then spent millions every year on a foundation which rescued dogs before they were put down, and trained them to help soldiers with PTSD. His mobile units are all over LA, providing free spay and neutering for low-income dog owners, and free operations for dogs. He’s a saint in my book. And very unfortunately, on Sunday, he passed away.

And then, yesterday, Windell Middlebrooks died. You may remember him from the Miller High Life commercials as the wise-cracking delivery guy. I especially remember him, because my friend Bru and I were in one of those commercials, and bonded on the set and our friendship has been close ever since. Windell was so funny during and in-between takes, and just a big, sweet guy who died at the age of 36. He would have gone to be make it really big.

Sometimes life deals a bad hand. Sometimes twice in one week. This week sucks.

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