Monday, March 9, 2015

Classy Proposal? Or The Classiest Proposal? And The Comfiest Comfort Food.

In the background, a newly-engaged couple. Hey ladies, don't marry the dude that proposes at Café Tu Tu Tango. But do check out the really talented artist who paints and sells her work there all evening.

My ten-year-old niece set up her first email account, but here’s the confounding part: it’s an AOL address. This makes her the youngest person on the planet to use AOL. The second youngest is 59.

Baked macaroni and cheese at Coral Tree Café. The key to their recipe: blue cheese, making it some of the best I’ve ever had – even better than Kraft’s Star Wars Edition Mac & Cheese.

You can tell an SNL host has range when he appears in every sketch. Chris Hemsworth was super facile, and I thought the SNL digital short “Reality House,” which parodied every reality show ever, was perfect. Why are people still watching this stuff?

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