Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My 2200th Entry.

I’m like Mark Twain meets Michael Jordan. I can write; but I’m also a world-class gambler.

And I sure have written a lot on this blog. I like reaching a milestone, and celebrate by recalling my favorite posts from the last 100:

I’M ON A PODCAST. Put a nickel in me and I can go on and on. Take a listen here.

31 Seconds Of October. Disclaimer: my life isn’t nearly as interesting as this looks. Take a gander here. 

“American Idol” Announces Two-Night, Three-Hour Premiere Event. Bleach: surprisingly refreshing. Swig some here. 

Day 2: Does New York Make Me Look Fat? I still haven’t lost my Christmas weight. Better just save it for next year. Exceed the maximum caloric intake here.

For All My Wives. And My Girlfriends. Hallmark invented this holiday just so I educate the ladies. Take copious notes here.

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