Monday, January 12, 2015

My Stand-In, Ricky, Eau De Ricky, And Rest In Peace.

My friend Al posted this pic of Matt Bomer accepting the Golden Globe for The Normal Heart with the caption “Matt Shevin???” To which I commented, “Even gayer Matt Shevin.”

As much as we needed it here in LA, a weekend-full of rain made my dog smell like a health-code violation.

The Ravens were flagged for history’s longest penalty.

Two weeks ago, I started playing a random opponent on Words with Friends, who’s been kicking my ass so embarrassingly-hard I’m a little convinced he’s cheating. But then yesterday, I finally blasted him with a 150-point word. Nerd’s delight.

Comedian/actor Taylor Negron passed away, and if you didn’t know much about him before, I promise you’ll love him after you watch this monologue he delivered about his childhood. It’s moving and really funny, and he delivered it last May while he was battling cancer. He led a more interesting life by age 12 than I could imagine.

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