Thursday, May 30, 2013

Writer At Work.

My only life goal is to never be the guy who pushes an elevator button he can see is already lit up.

Okay, I can probably raise the bar. A few months ago I mentioned that when the writing assignment I’d been working on ended, I was going to write seven short films in seven days, and then produce and star in the one I liked the most.

Well, the assignment was extended and is still going on, which is terrific, but it delayed my film-writing goal. So I decided to go ahead and write the shorts anyway. They’re comedy sketch-based, and I’m in the middle of rewrites on my fourth one.

Turns out working from another location can be very advantageous. The IT department at my home office really needs to start blocking access to porn sites.

I’m very happy with the scripts so far and find myself actually planning to shoot a few, most likely this summer. It’s a lot to wrap my head around, and I’m busy as shit, but who isn’t? I mean, unless you’re doing laundry naked, you’re already behind. Stay tuned.

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