Monday, November 19, 2012

My Friend Jeff’s Son’s Bar Mitzvah: An iPhone™ Photo Gallery.

Kudos to the temple for making literature available answering the question everybody there was asking.

If God doesn’t allow the use of cell phones during Jewish ceremonies, why would he create a way to watch the Florida State/Maryland game during them?

Listed in the accompanying program: everyone who made a speech. Bummer that the bar mitzvah boy chose this time to make his feelings clear to the chick he grew up with.
The after-party featured a game truck, or as I like to call it: “How to Lure a Dozen Boys Into your Van Using the All-New Black Ops 2.”
Walking around like a correctional officer was the rabbi, who made sure everyone heeded Jewish law and wore a yarmulke. And you know what happens when you force us to cover our heads, Rabbi? That’s right: Pit Bull wearing a yarmulke.

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