Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Real Casting Notices I’ve Seen This Week.

• TATTOO YOU REGRET? LOOKING TO REDO YOUR TATTOO OR HAVE REMOVED? THEN WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!! There are many instances where a decision made can haunt you for the rest of your life. EXAMPLES Crazy ex-relationships Drunken dares College mistake Flash art lost it’s flare? Wish it were still the days when tribal tattoos were cool? Did you find out what that kanji (Japanese) symbol on your shoulder actually means? Are you a prude with a tramp stamp? Find out those nautical stars on your forearms was not as original as you thought it was? Gang Tattoos (looking to remove?)

• Gay James Franco Types

• Do you have a secret life that some of your closest family, friends and co-workers know nothing about? EXAMPLES (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) -Someone who has another job that nobody knows about? -Guy who is married to two women and has two separate families? -Guy who is a cross-dresser with conservative Cop Dad? -Grandma who is a porn star?

• Men and Women with Corky Talents!! Seeking guys and girls with corky fun talent for Season 2!!! *PLEASE NOTE YOUR FUN AND CORKY TALENTS*

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