Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 4: Return To Stew Leonard’s: An iPhone™ Photo Gallery.

Sometimes I think I lost something really important to me, and then it turns out I already ate it.

Back at Christmas, I posted a photo gallery of Stew Leonard’s, the Most Interesting Supermarket in the World, dedicated to helping folks in Connecticut commit all seven deadly sins in a one-stop shop. My mom and I went back:
Now that it’s summer, the petting zoo was open, and Gertie and Tarzan the sheep were going full wool coat in the super-high temps. (There was all kinds of lint in Tarzan’s sheep-fro.) Luckily, Stew’s has a big shearing demonstration coming up.
Two things Connecticut does best: white people, and legal fireworks.

They even cater to you hypochondriacs.
The Farm Fresh Five’s got soul, in the form of a hip, chocolate-milk drummer.

Framed on the wall: Stew Leonard receiving the President’s Award for Entrepreneurial Achievement. Not framed: Stew being sentenced to 52 months in jail for committing tax fraud by diverting $17 mil in cash receipts. He quickly pulled a Madoff, denying any involvement by his family, and put Stew Jr. in charge. We customers were too busy stuffing our faces to care.

Purchases, clockwise from left: sliced sour dough bread, challah, two bags of kettle-style potato chips, vegetable egg rolls, pork pot stickers, two orders of lobster rolls, crab cakes, chicken pot pie, wonton soup, Greek yogurt, watermelon, half dozen fresh corn, chocolate-drizzled shortbread cookies, chewy pecan chocolate clusters, apple pie, flying saucers (I ate two on the drive home), turkey/swiss-cheese croissants, chicken parmesan loaf, chicken sweet-apple sausage, Chinese ribs, turkey meatloaf.

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