Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Recap.

Friday night, I saw Adam Arkin at Yuzu in Toluca Lake, and totally wanted to go up to him and tell him how much I love his acting work, but he was with his wife and I didn’t want to bother him. I realized later that complimenting him in front of her probably would have gotten him laid… On Saturday, after a friend checked in on Facebook at a hospital in New York, I commented, “It’ll be nice to no longer refer to you as a ‘pre-op’ transsexual"… I worried after I made that comment that he might have been there under adverse conditions, like visiting his dying dad. Turns out he just works there… One more of the endless reasons why LA is the greatest city on earth (besides the fact that you can be prescribed pot by a doctor via Skype): we had our season-opening ballgame last night, in February… Before drugs ruined her voice (and presumably ended her life), Whitney Houston could really sing her ass off. Check out this isolated vocal track of her recording “How Will I Know.”

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