Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Brother, The BioSciences Division Chief.

They can’t make a cell phone that takes a sharp photo, but they make one that tests for AIDS.

For real. And by “they,” I mean my frat brother, Peter, who was here in Los Angeles yesterday for a meeting at UCLA in which he signed a contract to create yes, a way to use cell phones to diagnose people in Africa with AIDS.

I’m forever in debt to Peter, who as a brother in the Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity at the University of Maryland allowed me, a pledge, five extra seconds to shower off what was making my OCD go off the charts one night during Hell Week.

And I plan on staying on his good side, seeing as Peter spent years after graduation designing weapons for the U.S. military (the tagline on his business card reads “Technology driven. Warfighter focused.”), and then worked in the White House. On his cell phone are pics of him sitting behind Obama in a meeting and a super close-up of George W. as Peter attempts to shake his hand.

I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing or bad thing that the funniest guy I knew in college went on to design weaponry, but I’m proud to say he really likes my blog and has it sent to his email daily. (You can subscribe too, by the way, by typing your email addy into the box on the right side of this page.) He thinks I’m leading a truly interesting life, but again, let’s review his résumé: weapons, AIDS-diagnosing phones and Lord knows what other classified shit he’s designed. And what have I created? A sims family that keeps getting murdered.

The UCLA contract will be bringing him out to LA more often, and I’m really glad about that. Good catching up, bro.

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